“When I first reached out to Carrie Ann, I was afraid for our first session. I was afraid because of how I have been judged by past therapists, and I feared that this time would surely be no different. I was wrong. Flashing forward a year, she picked me up out of a dark hole when others were content to watch me drown. She’s provided with a safe space to be 100% myself, without ever having fear of judgment. I’ve never had a therapist (and trust me there have been many) who has made me feel as truly valued and like a friend…. not just another crazy person on the schedule. I have also never looked forward to my therapy sessions each week before and I can honestly say it is so enjoyable talking to her every week. She is always there to hear my side, to validate me, yet she finds the gentlest ways of pushing me outside my comfort zone while understanding and respecting my push back. I am so grateful to have her in my corner, and for the support she shows me no matter how I show up to therapy that day. She’s truly helped me grow this past year, and I look forward to continuing that growth with her guidance. I hope she never retires!”

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