Throughout my experiences and training, I’ve maintained a central focus on the experiences of trauma, especially within the domain of narcissistic abuse, high conflict divorce, custody battles, and post-separation abuse.  I also gravitate towards working with gay, queer, trans, and LGB+ community.  I am body and sex-positive and an ally of sex workers and adjacent communities.

I specialize in therapy for those impacted by interpersonal trauma and adverse childhood experiences, as well as supporting individuals from all walks of life to navigate the full range of experiences encountered on life’s journey.  From billionaires and celebrities to the homeless and disenfranchised, no matter the individual, one of the most common beliefs I hear is some version of feeling unworthy, not good enough, like a failure, unlovable, or unforgivable.

I believe the final developmental stage is the experience of self-acceptance, which includes the ability to set boundaries, speak your truth, and ask for what you need – to feel comfortable within yourself so that you can be unapologetically you, and to live authentically, vibrantly, and joyously.

Therapy is for those looking to heal past trauma, build authentic and meaningful relationships, and create the lives they want to live. By working collaboratively to deepen your self-understanding and implement positive change through exploration of a wide range of aspects of yourself and your life, this can be achieved.  This can include talking about thoughts, feelings, dreams and experiences that you may not be able to express elsewhere.

I have experience working with people of all ages facing a wide array of circumstances and challenges. I welcome you to contact me to discuss what specifically is bringing you to therapy. Some of the reasons that people seek therapy with me are:

  • Traumatic events, PTSD, & Complex trauma
  • Narcissistic abuse, high conflict divorce, custody issues, post-separation abuse
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Processing topics related to sexuality and gender
  • Work-related concerns, boundaries, or vicarious trauma for healers, organizers, activists, sex workers, and others
  • Developing meaningful life purpose
  • Accelerating personal growth, development and exploring purpose and meaning