“I’ve seen many therapists since I was 23, 7 to be exact. I’m 36 now and recently came across Carrie Ann. After years of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, I was finally able to break the cycle that I was stuck in for over a decade. It’s not easy to find someone that I can trust with my vulnerability. I have a powerfully accurate BS internal meter and it DID NOT go off at all during all of the sessions that I had with Carrie Ann. She is empathetic without an ounce of pretense. She was willing to call ME out on my BS with love. I never felt any condescension or judgment. For the first time in a very long time, I actually felt like someone was listening intently to my concerns with the ability to provide insightful feedback giving me several valuable “aha!” moments. Despite having a huge ego, I was able to trust her from day one. Carrie Ann offers a refreshing amount of humanity with her therapy which is NOT the norm based on personal experience with therapy over the past decade. If you are ready to tackle your recovery with intention and action you will find an intelligent, compassionate, and intuitive ally in Carrie Ann.”

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